Sunday, May 3, 2009

Magaya Pickle

4 cups full of dried mango pieces.
1 cup chilli powder
3/4th cup salt
1/2 cup menthi seeds
1/4th cup mustard seeds
1 cup gingely ol
1 spoon hingu
1 spoon pasupu
Peel the mangoes and cut them in length wise like thin chips and dry them in the sun for 2 days till the pieces become dry.
Take a pan and fry the menthi and mustard seeds well till they become dark brown in color and gives a gud flavor.
Grind the fried mustard and menthi seed to a fine powder.
Take a pan heat the oil and remove it from the fire.
Add hingu to the hot oil.
After the oil becomes warm add the chilli powder, grinded menthi andmustard powder,salt,pasupu well to the oil.
Add the dried mango pieces and mix well.
This will be ready to serve after 4 days.
Shift the above mixture to a dry jar.
Note:This pickle will stay for 1 year.We should use dry scoop and stored in a dry place. This goes well with curd rice.


  1. thank you good method i appreciate this method

  2. thank you good method i appreciate this method

  3. Good method of making delicious magaya